Enjoy What You Work For

Enjoy What You Work For

Ashley Barber July 7th, 2022

July is Park and Recreation Month, which for us Michiganders is everyday, but I’m encouraging you to get out and enjoy what you work so hard for! Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month (July Is Parks & Recreation Month, n.d.). Established by the National Recreation and Park Association, the goal is to promote physical and mental well being by exploring your community. Governor Whitmore has officially proclaimed July 2022 as Park and Recreation Month and Michigan has so much to offer in the way of state parks and recreation areas including:

● 103 state parks and recreation areas encompassing nearly 300,000 acres,

● 140 state forest campgrounds,

● 8 museums and historic sites; more than 200 historic buildings, 1,700 Michigan Historical Markers,

● 13 state-designated underwater preserves,

● more than 700 archaeological sites,

● 82 state-sponsored harbors,

● 1,300-plus boating access sites,

● and more than 130,000 miles of state-designated trails (July 2022: Parks and Recreation Month, 2022).


You can get involved simply by checking out your local community event calendar. Events range from hiking, biking, swimming, investigating plants and wildlife to classes at museums and historical sites. There are events for everyone!


Exercise your body and mind by; Staying at a campground. Take this time to impart your wisdom to your children on how to pitch a tent, start a fire, fish, tie knots, etc. Enjoy quality time together without the distractions of technology.


Stop by the creek on the way home and dip your toes in. Watch the minnows swim around your feet or maybe catch a frog. Breathe and appreciate the fresh, clean air.


Wake up with the sun and watch as it paints the morning sky. The sun is a natural antidepressant, which is why we feel so great on a sunny day, but crappy on cloudy days.


Visit a flower farm. Get lost in the natural beauty, then pick your own bouquet. There may also be an opportunity to sign up for future bouquet making classes!


For things to do in Genesee County visit Genesee County Parks website.


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