Creating the Perfect Resume

Nov. 4th, 2021

Authors Madison H Jocelyn R

Putting together the perfect resume? We can help! Here are some things to add and consider when the time comes to create your resume:

Make your layout clear

Have your name and contact information stand out. Your name should be bold and one of the largest items to read on your resume. Be sure that you are super accessible to the employer- name, phone number, address etc.

Bullet Points are great ways to snag your viewers' attention. Make them short and sweet to get to the point.
Make any job experiences and schooling you want to list in chronological order. Include start and end dates (month and year are sufficient).

Adjust to fit on a single sheet of paper, if you have more to add max it out at 2 pages. Most of the time, these resumes are only glanced at.
If you have some white space, no worries. Just makes the sections you want the employer to see easier to read. Find a format that works and makes it smooth to look at.

In no way should you talk negatively about your past employers either. It’s not necessary and you might be seen negatively.
If you can download the newest version of Microsoft Word, they have some great templates to get you started.

Sections to Have

Skills- A skills section is a unique way to highlight what you are strong at. Although in this day and age, we urge you to stay away from adding typing and Microsoft Office as a skill. These are things that most employers expect you to know and these things don’t set you apart from the competition. We also urge you to not confuse this with hobbies. The employer isn’t interested in how you spend your free time. Try and find skills that correlate with the position you are applying for.

Objectives- This is a way to show the interviewer that you have goals. What do you want to accomplish? Like in the skills area, if you can find a way to relate this to the position you are applying for, even better.

Education- this is a way to display any higher degrees you earned, what you studied and what you achieved. Keep it brief. If you finished in higher education with honors, display that. You earned it and it shows you are a hard worker.

Work experience- The employer viewing your resume wants this section to be something brief and to the point. This is where we urge you to use bullet points to cut to the point. They want to know how long you have been in your current position, and what your tasks and responsibilities were. If you have enough jobs where you are taking up a full 2 pages, cut it down to what is relevant to what you are applying for.

Grammar and spelling

This is very important. Lack of spelling and grammar can make you seem unfit for a professional position and might be a deciding factor for an employer choosing to pass on you. Run your resume by a friend, family member, or even an online source if something isn’t making sense like the website grammarly.